Crunch Kitchen continental breakfast

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Introducing the all new Crunch Kitchen In-Room Breakfast Pack. This pre-packaged, long life, complete breakfast in a box is good to go when your guests want a quick, easy and complete breakfast. That's right, no more getting up super early to deliver breakfast trays at the crack of dawn, simply leave the packs in your mini bar or hand them over to your guest when they check in. no fuss, no work, no worries. Each pack contains; 2 X Wrapped Dutch Light Crisp Toasts 1 X Sanitarium Marmite PCU 1 X Toast 100% pure NZ Jam PCU 1 X Peanut Butter PCU 1 X Serious Cereal PCU 2 X Sugar Sachets 1 X Twin Pack of Esther's Kitchen cookies 1 X 250ml Meadow Fresh Long Life Milk 1 X 250ml Fruit Juice